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Cooking Equipment

To run an effective commercial catering service itís vital that you integrate robust cooking equipment into your kitchen. We have a wide range includes ovens, grills, toasters, microwaves and so much more, which will not only cook your food to the highest of qualities but will keep your food warm and protected.

Our range includes electric & gas ovens which will cook or reheat your food effectively to ensure the service you provide to your consumers is efficient. The qualities of the range is clear to see when you take for example the Rational CombiMaster which has manual cleaning features giving you less cleaning time and more time delivering great food.

If toast is on your menu we supply an excellent range of toasters which deliver a variety of needs such as slot amounts and size. So if youíre looking to beat the morning rush for toast, our range features conveyor toasters, delivering a crisp golden brown quality time after time.

Grilling your food can deliver an ideal texture, thatís why we supply a wide range of grills and griddles. Pizzas, sandwiches, fresh meat and so much more can be cooked to perfection with our range which are built to be robust enough for the commercial sector as well as delivering outstanding aesthetics.
Reheating pre prepared food quickly is an effective way of serving more customers as well as saving time preparing an order. Thatís why at Catering Equipment Suppliers we deliver a range of medium and heavy duty microwave ovens coming in a variety of wattage to suit each and every requirement.

If you require more specific cooking equipment we also supply a great range of waffle irons, char grills, hobs, pancake machines and so much more. Get in contact with the team today to discuss your cooking equipment needs.

Cooking Equipment

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PARRY Modular - Wet Well Pot Electric Bain Maries 3015

PARRY Modular - Wet Well Pot Electric Bain Maries 3015

Price: £300.00 (£360.00 incl. VAT)
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Stainless steel wet well pot electric bain marie
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