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To run a commercial kitchen effectively, itís vital that you produce a consistent level of outstanding hygiene. Poor hygiene within your kitchen can lead to many risks including the spread of harmful bacteria and the eventual shut down of your kitchen. Thatís why at Catering Equipment Suppliers we supply a wide range of stainless steel sinks, wash hand basins, taps and spray arms.

Great food preparation can sometimes be scuppered by the poor hygiene behind it. Incorporating a variety of sinks in your commercial kitchen will not only help you deliver an excellent menu but it will also leave you worry free when it comes to the hygiene in which it was produce in.

After handling food products such as raw meat, poultry, fish and eggs itís recommended that you prevent the risk of cross contamination by washing your hands. Inadequate washing could lead to bacteriaís such as salmonella being spread throughout your kitchen and your consumers. The Parry Hand Wash Basin from our range is a hands free knee operated system, ideal for kitchens in which hygiene is paramount.

Alongside effective kitchen personal hygiene itís also vital that the equipment used during food preparation is appropriately cleaned. Whilst preparing its key that you have separate preparation spaces and equipment for food such as chicken which is a common source for germs. After preparing the food, you should instantly clean the equipment used.

The serving equipment your food is delivered on also need to be effectively cleaned to prevent the spread of germs and bacteriaís. Our wide range includes drainer sinks, which are ideal to clean and dry serving plates and utensils to a high level. To suit your needs effectively our sinks allow for a choice of either spray arms, for a powerful clean or standard taps, perfect to regulate temperatures.

Our range of sinks and taps are designed to be robust enough for the commercial environment as well as delivering the attractive aesthetics renowned from stainless steel.

To learn more about our range of sinks, taps and spray arms contact the team today to discuss your requirements.
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